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Report: Robin Lopez Declines Option, Will Enter Free Agency

Lopez had an option to stay with Milwaukee for $5.0M this season.

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Washington Wizards Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

In what will end up becoming a pivotal offseason for the Milwaukee Bucks, they just found out that they need to fill another roster spot. Fresh on the heels of Wes Matthews deciding to test free agency, teammate and fan favorite Robin Lopez has reportedly declined his player option with the Bucks.

Lopez, 32, was the primary backup center for much of the season, behind twin brother Brook Lopez. However, once the playoffs rolled around, Lopez found himself relegated to the end of the bench in favor of smaller, more versatile lineups with Giannis Antetokounmpo and Marvin Williams in the frontcourt. It was not expected that Robin would want to leave Milwaukee after only one season, and it’s unknown what value he’s able to gain on the free agent market. He could opt to return to Milwaukee, but usually players don’t opt out of contracts when they want to stick around. One thing is for sure, though; with two veterans now uprooting themselves from the Bucks, Jon Horst’s job just got a little bit tougher.