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Roundtable: Bucks Trade for Jrue Holiday and Bogdan Bogdanovic

Wow. That’s all we can say about these

New Orleans Pelicans v Milwaukee Bucks Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Welcome back to another year of the Brew Hoop Round Table, where we ask that everybody use coasters and please don’t feed the aging pugs from the table, thanks. Today, we’re discussing the absolute blockbuster trades that netted Milwaukee Jrue Holiday and Bogdan Bogdanovic.

Okay, what was your first reaction to the Jrue Holiday trade??


Adam: Well...I’m not sleeping anytime soon. What does “significant draft compensation” mean??!!

Mitchell: I had roughly 100 unread DMs on Twitter since I foolishly decided to turn in at about 10:30pm.

Thankfully, I got enough links through those conversations to piece together what had happened and I was flabbergasted. Still am. Jrue Holiday is one of the few guards who might be a better defender than Eric Bledsoe. And on offense, talk about an upgrade!

Gabe: I was just crawling into bed, when I saw a message come from Riley in the group chat...opened it up to see the Shams tweet. First thing I did was look for the blue checkmark. Once I saw that, I frantically stumbled out of bed going for my laptop and stubbed my toe on my bedroom doorframe as I tried to write up the newser as soon as possible.

Where do you stand on if the Bucks gave up too much?

Kyle: None of it matters if Milwaukee wins a championship or Giannis signs the supermax. You also need to make win now moves when you have a realistic shot at the title.

Adam: Ya, I’m in the same boat. Even with the unprotected picks in 2025 and 2027, if Giannis signs the Supermax, the only one of those that would really be in jeopardy would be 2027 if he played out the remainder of his contract. It’s a steep price to be sure, but it’ll all depend on if Giannis signs that deal and Jrue re-signs.

Gabe: The bottom line is, you have to swing for the fences when your’e a small market team with a once in a lifetime generational talent in Giannis. That’s exactly what Horst did. John Greenleaf Whittier has a quote. It goes: “Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, ‘It might have been.” Now, I doubt he was referring to the Bucks trading three firsts and two swaps for Jrue Holiday when he said that, but you get the point. If the Bucks win even one championship, it’s worth it. about your first reaction to the Bogdan sign and trade?

Kyle: Horst I really want to go to bed!! But I also was surprised it seems as though Milwaukee got a great deal only giving up Donte.

Adam: It seems like a solid enough deal, and solves some of their problems on the wing with Wes Matthews opting out. I’m a Donte stan, but he’s got enough lingering issues in his game with a limited enough ceiling that I’m not sure he would’ve progressed significantly past where he was last year...which was less impactful than Bogdan.

Mitchell: The Kings really gave up Bogdan Bogdanovic, a 15 ppg scorer who can do a little playmaking and isn’t a sieve on defense...for Donte DiVincenzo, Ersan Ilyasova’s expiring money, and a year-long subscription to the D.J. Wilson experience. You can't make this up when it comes to the Sacramento Kings. I am ecstatic for Milwaukee while baffled that they pulled it off at all.

Gabe: I went to bed with just the notion from Kevin O’Connor that the Bucks were interested in Bogdanavic — little did I know that it would come to fruition just a few hours later. I woke up to my phone to see that it did in fact happen, and was extremely excited in my half-asleep manner. You hate to see Donte go, but it’s going to be great having Bogdonavic’s perimeter shooting to accompany Milwaukee’s offense.

Do you care at all about the Bucks limited ability to fill out the rest of their roster?

Kyle: No there are still some quality free agents out there and Horst had to be aware of the ramifications of a Bogdan sign and trade deal.

Adam: No, as I wrote earlier, the Bucks now have better leverage for luring ring-chasers and they recently snagged two second rounders in the deal.

Mitchell: Well obviously I’m still interested; they only have half of a team right now! And with the hard cap now in play from the Bogdanovic S&T, they have limited resources to fill those seats on the bench.

Milwaukee might have the best starting lineup in basketball now (Holiday, Bogdanovic, Khris Middleton, Giannis, and Brook Lopez), but in the regular season you still need 4-5 more guys, and in the playoffs you need 2-3 more. Who the Bucks get to reinforce their starters will matter a great deal...unless you put money on Thanasis Antetokounmpo to win Sixth Man of the Year.

Gabe: Not really. I think Milwaukee will once again be a destination for veterans, and there are plenty still available. Typically, I wasn’t a fan of ring chasers joining teams like the Warriors and whatnot, but when your team is actually the ones doing the ring chasing, you’re all for it. I don’t think Milwaukee will have any trouble luring players here.

How have your feelings about this Bucks roster changed from last year?

Kyle: This starting five has more offensive variety than last year. There are more options instead of Giannis and Bledsoe driving to the hoop while Khris, Brook, and Wes would mainly shoot threes.

Mitchell: You cannot ask for a better set of moves from Jon Horst. I’ve been preaching the virtues of offensive diversity for some time now, and the Bucks are much better equipped for the playoffs. Jrue Holiday can create offense for others, and will probably manufacture some preposterously easy buckets for Giannis Antetokounmpo. Jrue can also score at all three levels and is a more reliable jump shooter than Eric Bledsoe. Bogdanovic is essentially the team’s fourth option on offense (behind Giannis, Khris, and Jrue), and he’s overqualified for that role. The team is top-heavy now, but that’s the direction they needed to go this offseason to be a credible threat to make it out of the East.

Gabe: It’s going to be very, very fun to watch. As Kyle mentioned, the offense is more versatile this year, and that will loom large, especially in the playoffs. We saw how the Bucks could be impacted when teams built a wall to prevent Giannis from driving into the paint. Now with Bogdanovic, Middleton, and Lopez all capable of firing from the perimeter, teams may re-think that strategy. This is definitely going to be a top starting five lineup in the National Basketball Association, and there’s a strong likelihood that it’s in fact the best.