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NBA Draft 2020: Who the Milwaukee Bucks Could Pick in the Second Round

We actually have draft picks now

Miami Heat v Milwaukee Bucks - Game Five Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

After Monday night’s trades for Jrue Holiday, Milwaukee was looking like it was not going to have any draft picks for the foreseeable future. Much like everything the Bucks are doing, we are always surprised with little gems.


It seems there is some confusion over whether the Bucks have actually acquired the #42 selection, per Bobby marks, but they have acquired pick #45 from the Orlando Magic in exchange for two future second round picks.

This means at least for the 2020 Draft, Milwaukee will be looking to make some selections. With a bare cupboard of players, it’s likely the Bucks will keep these two draft picks to fill out their roster in a cost-controlled manner. The second round is always tough to gauge how players will turn out; sometimes you get All-Stars like Khris Middleton or key contributors like Malcolm Brogdon, other times you get Damien Inglis. While I’m not a draft expert, here are some players that could be on Milwaukee’s radar.

Tre Jones

Tre Jones is a sophomore from Duke University and younger brother of mortal enemy Tyus Jones. Jones is a reliable floor general that can run a pick and roll that will immediately be a plus defender for Milwaukee. Jones does need to improve as a shooter and finisher though, which could cause a fit issue with the Bucks.

Cassius Winston

The Michigan State guard is more the opposite of Tre Jones. Winston has a better feel offensively, higher IQ, and is a better ball handler and shooter than Jones. The flaw with Winston is his lack of high athleticism and is undersized at 6’1” and 185 lbs. BH staff member Dakota Schmidt had shown us a synergy chart which project Winston very favorable as a ball handler and initiator which would help Milwaukee’s second unit offense.

Zeke Nnaji

Nnaji would be a big that could provide Milwaukee with the athleticism and interior scoring to give Brook Lopez a breather. Nnaji also is a plus rebounder so he can fill in the Robin Lopez role of either getting the rebounds or at least boxing out other players to help the rest of the team. There is concerns that he will be exploited defensively, so having him on the court with Giannis or Brook is going to be important.

Nico Mannion

Mannion was someone that was a potential first round option for Milwaukee when they had the 24th pick. He is someone fans can really get behind as a great passer and shooter which would be ideal to have come off the bench. He can’t get past people off the dribble though, which could limit what he could offer for an offense that can stall out.

Ty-Shon Alexander

Alexander is someone that will come in day one and provide on the court. Alexander shot just under 40% in college from deep and 86% from the free throw line. He’ll be everywhere on defense wrecking havoc for opposing teams. He needs to be more of an off-ball type of player as he doesn’t have the highest playmaking or ball handling ability.

Markus Howard

Everyone loves a local college player. The Marquette star was always exciting to watch as he could catch fire in the blink of an eye. There wasn’t anywhere on the court he wouldn’t take a shot and would be available at pick 60. He’s undersized and there remain questions about whether his shooting will translate to the NBA level and if his Marquette roots is the main reason he would make the Bucks roster.

Much like all the draft coverage we do, this is a fluid situation and who knows if Milwaukee will even make a pick. But let us know in the comments who you are hoping for in the second round.