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NBA Draft 2020: Draft Night Open Thread

It’s draft night, and we’ll be waiting until round two for the Bucks to make a selection

2009 NBA Draft Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The NBA Draft is one of my favorite nights of the year, even when the Milwaukee Bucks are absent from it. Of course it’s more fun when the Jon Horst and company have some stake in the game, but I’ll have to get used to first rounds with this franchise for the better part of this entire decade.

Regardless, it’s a new night, and by tomorrow there will be 60 new players drafted along with some undrafted players likely linked to teams around the NBA. Tonight, the Milwaukee Bucks have reportedly at least acquired pick 60 from new Orleans in the second round, and whether they also have #42 remains an open question. However, they did trade for #45 earlier today with Orlando. Given the turmoil surrounding, well, seemingly everything with the Bucks right now, you’ll want to stay glued for any clarity we get this evening.

For those night owls that want to stay up and see who Horst selects, here are a few potential second round prospects you should keep your eye on as the draft ticks on. If you want to learn more about some of the players who could go in the first round, you can read through our Brew Hoop community draft board.

Enjoy the draft and stay tuned to Brew Hoop as the Bucks make their selections this evening.