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Report: Bogdan Bogdanovic Trade Falls Through; Plans to Enter Restricted Free Agency

Well this is some egg on the face...

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Sacramento Kings Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

After a report earlier tonight that the Bucks Bogdan Bogdanovic sign-and-trade was on the precipice of falling through, it appears that Adrian Wojnarowski has indeed confirmed that Bogdan will enter free agency or pursue other sign-and-trades.

This is, obviously, a massive blow to what Jon Horst envisioned for this Bucks offseason. The sign-and-trade meant the franchise would be hard-capped at $139M, which precipitated many of the moves we’ve seen recently, including their decision to acquire second round picks to fill out the back end of their roster with cheap salaries.

Now, it appears Horst will have to find another avenue to advance this Milwaukee roster in preparation for a hopeful march to a championship. Whatever potential veteran minimum deals they may have been thinking about and 100% not negotiating right now (for that would be tampering) will likely undergo a little further consideration given this turn of events.

Recall that Ersan Ilyasova’s salary also become guaranteed just two days after the draft, and Horst will likely be trying like crazy to find another suitor to take the aging veteran.

Maybe this really is all a massive cover-up for tampering and the “other” sign-and-trade scenarios will somehow come full circle back to this. But the chances of this thing coming together are pointing to zero at this point per Sam Amick.

But, clearly this is a more fluid situation than it seemed just two nights ago, so stay tuned for any further updates on Brew Hoop.

For now though, let me end by saying this...

This sucks.