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Milwaukee Bucks Select Sam Merrill At No. 60

The SG from Utah State is Milwaukee’s final selection

NCAA Basketball: Utah State at San Diego State Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

In their second and final selection of the night, the Milwaukee Bucks have selected Sam Merrill with pick No. 60 of the draft.

A shooting guard from Utah State, Merrill is an absolute sniper from deep. He was a career 42% 3-point shooter and contributed with an ice cold 89% from the charity stripe. Those numbers are right up there with the collegiate statistics of Jimmer Fredette and Klay Thompson. All of this makes it seems as if he’ll gel quite nicely with the flow of the Milwaukee offense, as we all know how much they will appreciate a sound shooter.

His pick-and-roll ball handling has also been praised, along with his passing abilities. He’s said to have quite the awareness out on the court, and with the Bucks’ playmakers, that will translate quite nicely.

Here’s a highlight video of his skillset: