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Report: Bucks Signing Mamadi Diakite to Two-Way

The 6’9” forward from Guinea went undrafted on Wednesday.

Louisville v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

The sun has set, it’s getting late, so you know that the Milwaukee Bucks are up to something. Tonight’s order of business: signing undrafted Mamadi Diakite, a forward from Virginia, to a two-way contract, splitting time between the Bucks and the Wisconsin Herd.

Diakite, 23, is a defensive specialist with NBA size and speed. He boasts a 7’3” wingspan, and although his statistical profile is unimpressive at first glance, he was an integral part of Virginia’s championship efforts and has been widely considered to be worthy of two-way consideration at the professional level. Dakota Schmidt of Ridiculous Upside had this to say about Diakite:

In terms of sheer entertainment value, Diakite stood as one of my favorite players to watch. The reason behind that deals with how he’s like a 2008 cell phone with how he continues to roam around the court. That hustle is most evident on the defensive end of the court as he’s constantly hedging on pick-and-rolls, maneuvering off-ball, and closing out on shooters. Those tools are due to his incredible mobility as he can move around very quickly for a prospect that is 6’9, 229 pounds.

Like most G-League players, it’s possible that Diakite ends up hanging around on the fringes for a bit before moving on to another setting. However, the Bucks apparently see some value in taking an extended look at what his development path looks like in the event that he progresses beyond expectations, and Milwaukee’s frontcourt depth could always use reinforcement. To get to know Diakite a little better, check out the footage embedded below.