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Report: Milwaukee Bucks Sign Nik Stauskas to One Year Deal

Sauce Castillo will be a training camp invite.

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

On this day of thanks, Nik Stauskas now has more than one million reasons to be thankful after a report from Zach Lowe that the Milwaukee Bucks will sign him to a one-year deal.

However, as Matt lays out below, Stauskas is merely a camp invite due to the Bucks increasingly stringent cap situation.

After being drafted eighth overall by the Sacramento Kings in 2014, Stauskas never lived up to his selection. When your claim to fame is a closed captioning error, resulting in his nickname Sauce Castillo, rather than any sort of tangible basketball accomplishment...I’d say your career hasn’t gone the way he envisioned. He spent last year overseas and shot 37.3% overall from three.

He’s a career 35.3% shooter from deep during his five years in the NBA.