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Brew Hoop Public Service Announcement: Election Day in America

Today, November 3rd, is the final opportunity to participate in the 2020 US General Election.

Milwaukee Bucks v Miami Heat - Game Four Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

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We meant what we said last Thursday.

It doesn’t matter which candidate you support; you can’t support them if you don’t cast a ballot for them. It doesn’t matter which policy you care about or what issues do or don’t affect you; if you’re a part of a community, you cannot ignore that community by shirking your civic responsibility.

So vote.

Today is your last chance to wield the authority that you are entitled to, perhaps the only authority that you are entitled to. Nothing else is guaranteed, except that you can make your voice heard, and join the chorus of voices that is calling for change, for justice, and for equality. The Milwaukee Bucks have. Will you?

It has not been an easy year. Shoot, it has not been an easy decade (and 2020 still has two months left!) for too many reasons. Millions have been exposed to an illness that ignores borders and party lines alike, and hundreds of thousands have died from it. Innumerable lives have been marginalized, brutalized, and terrorized, and all because they weren’t included in the in-group. And while people are losing their jobs, their homes, and their lives, our species is losing a race against the clock to stabilize the climate of our home, our planet.

You have it within your grasp to change the course of our story. You have the tools, but it only matters if you use them. If that sounds like a trope you’re ready to ignore, that’s because it is. It’s easy to fall victim to the fallacy that “one vote doesn’t matter” or “both sides are the same” or “all politicians are liars anyway.” It’s easy because you have so many distractions, so much that you can (willingly or otherwise) use to distance yourself from the realities of our society.

America is called the “land of the free,” but on a certain level we are not completely free, because we are entirely dependent upon one another. The farmer that gathered the eggs you eat for breakfast, they depend on the construction worker who poured the concrete you travel on. That construction worker, they depend on the stockbroker who invested in their company. That stockbroker, they depend on the nurse that takes their blood pressure when they aren’t feeling so well. We are all connected, even if we can’t be together right now.

The act of voting in the United States of America is a political statement. By the same token, the act of not voting is also a statement. Not voting is the same as saying, “I’m content with things the way they are, and I see no need to put forth any effort to change it.” You may argue that not voting is instead a sign of your lack of confidence in the system, but the system responds to your indifference with indifference of its own. You may not vote, but someone else will, and that means you are effectively handing the keys to our democracy to them.

So hang onto the keys. Start your engine, and drive your family, your loved ones, and yourself to the polls to ensure that you cast a ballot. If you’ve already cast your ballot, then check in with everyone around you to ensure that they have as well. If they haven’t, then you have a responsibility to help them form a voting plan, because after today it will be too late. Their voice and your voice are just as important, which means that their voice is your voice. Do not silence yourself out of convenience or contentment or apathy or fear.

Speak. Stand. Vote.

And do it now.