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Bucks Media Day: Open Thread

Players are expected to be available at 1:00pm central.

Orlando Magic v Milwaukee Bucks - Game Five Photo by Madison Quisenberry/NBAE via Getty Images

The offseason has just finished. We can still remember the NBA Draft, free agency, and the whirlwind of trades that reconfigured the league. And because it’s 2020, we don’t get a break. The Milwaukee Bucks have opened their training camp, and today is the media’s first chance to speak with head coach Mike Budenholzer and some of the players.

This year will forego much of the regular pomp and circumstance surrounding media day availability, considering the reality that COVID-19 still prevents teams (or anyone else) from going about their business as usual. All of the players and journalists will be separated by a digital screen today; the entire availability session will be held over video conference.

Based on the information that Bucks PR has released, we expect to hear from Coach Bud, Khris Middleton, Jrue Holiday, Torrey Craig, and D.J. Augustin. Curiously absent is MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, who has yet to sign the supermax, and historically has been an electromagnet for attention whenever reporters are around. Today, it seems, we’ll have to find some way to carry on without any bad dad jokes.

As clips and quotes get released, we’ll do our best to update this post, as well as follow along with all the action on Twitter. As always, keep up with us in the comments as well, as we all get to know some of the team’s new additions a bit better!

UPDATE: We have our first notable quote from Mike Budenholzer, and...well...

Bucks Twitter is, in a word, displeased.

UPDATE: Khris Middleton was asked about Giannis’ extension and had this to say:

Us too, Khris. Us too.

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