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2020 NBA Trade Deadline: Open Thread

Your one-stop shop for Milwaukee Bucks trade talk.

The NBA is one of the few leagues where transactions are as popular as the games themselves. So with the trade deadline approaching (Thursday, February 6th, at 2:00pm central time), let this post serve as your one-stop shop for any Milwaukee Bucks news, rumors, whispers, theories, or mentions.

You can keep up with all official trades at this page. We’ll update this post regularly with notable tweets and (hopefully) some thoughtful analysis, and keep it near the top of the page through Friday morning.

As a general rule, non-Bucks topics are allowed in an open thread, so have fun with the conversation. Let this serve as a friendly reminder that the SB Nation Community Guidelines still apply.

(Updates will be posted below the line, and older content will be pushed further down.)

(2:10pm on Thursday, February 6)

Aaaaand we’re done.

(11:26am on Thursday, February 6)

The Heat-Grizzlies trade is a done deal, per Adrian Wojnarowski:

The Heat now have Hill and Crowder as useful wing depth on expiring deals and Iguodala as a high-IQ perimeter defender, all without giving up too much of their current stable of contributors. Pat Riley has pushed his chips to the middle of the table.

(11:02am on Thursday, February 6)

Well, maybe never mind about Gallinari.

It’s gonna be a long day...

(11:01am on Thursday, February 6)

That Miami-Iguodala trade just gets bigger and bigger, per Shams:

It’s not immediately clear how Hill ($13.26M, expiring) and Crowder ($7.82M, expiring) will fit under Miami (which is hard-capped right now) salary-wise, but it’s also not over yet, given that the Heat may be still working out how they could reroute those guys to add Danilo Gallinari ($22.6M, expiring) to the mix.

Dion Waiters ($12.1M this season, $12.65M next season) on the move?

(8:00am on Thursday, February 6)

And so, another Eastern Conference contender makes a move along the fringes of their roster as the Sixers bolster their depth using their army of 2nd rounders:

(9:02pm on Wednesday, February 5)

It isn’t Bucks news, but it’s sorta relevant:

Rough go of things for Jabari.

(7:24pm on Wednesday, February 5)

Not sure how I missed this, but apparently there’s interest in the Pistons’ Markieff Morris.

(7:14pm on Wednesday, February 5)

Ladies and gentlemen, the Bucks have entered the game.

(Go to the 0:48 mark of the video). Luke Kennard had previously been linked to the Phoenix Suns, but The Athletic’s James Edwards III mentions Milwaukee as a potential destination. Kennard is still on his rookie deal, and as fan-favorite Kane Pitman points out, there’s enough to like about the former 12th overall pick.

Don’t forget, Jon Horst came up with the Detroit Pistons, and the teams have made deals before. Stay tuned...

(6:42pm on Wednesday, February 5)

Despite how quiet the day has been, Shams Charania came out with something that may bolster a prime threat to the Bucks in the East: the Miami Heat getting somewhere on Andre Iguodala.

Iggy hasn’t played since being moved to the Memphis Grizzlies (who have been fine without him), and offers perimeter defense and high basketball IQ to whichever contender nabs him. Will it be the Heat?

(5:15am on Wednesday, February 5)

Here I am, practicing good sleep hygiene after a Bucks victory, and Woj drops a big four-teamer that involves Robert Covington and Clint Capela but as the Blogfather notes, it’s relatively low-impact for Milwaukee:

(2:38pm on Tuesday, February 4)
  • If you have a membership, Matt Velazquez’s summary of the Bucks’ mindset is worth your time.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski on The Woj Pod (h/t Ky Carlinof USA Today Sixers Wire), the Sixers “don’t want to” trade Horford because of his size and the belief that the combination of Horford and center Joel Embiid gives them the best chance to beat Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks in the playoffs.

  • Relevant Zach Lowe content, with some mention made of Sterling Brown as a possible trade target for teams interested in the young wing.

Also at the top of the league: Watch Milwaukee. The Bucks have Indiana’s first-round pick and too many rotation guys to play. They are somewhat wary of disrupting their chemistry, but they might also need to show Giannis Antetokounmpo they are all-in. They could make some sort of consolidation trade for another shooter who can swing to power forward. Covington would fit well here, actually.

On a smaller scale, sources say a lot of teams have asked about Sterling Brown — a free agent this summer.

  • It’s not a trade deadline without an eyebrow-raising report from Adrian Wojnarowski: