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Rapid Recap: Bucks 93, Hornets 85

No nap didn’t affect Giannis

Milwaukee Bucks v Charlotte Hornets Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

Early afternoon games are rarely the most organized types of games so it was no surprise that today’s Milwaukee Bucks followed the script.

Giannis was off to the races early getting the tone started which catapulted him to 41 points, 20 rebounds and six assists. While Milwaukee would get off to the quick start, the second quarter was a sloppy mess for most of it, with the Bucks committing 12 turnovers (seven in the second quarter) to allow the Hornets to trim the lead to just two going into halftime. The third quarter was once again a Giannis takeover before the Hornets again took advantage of non-Giannis minutes. The fourth quarter was bit of a back and forth with neither team able to hit shots. The combination of Giannis being better than everyone else and some free throws, gave Milwaukee the edge it needed with an 11-4 run.

Stat that Stood Out: 83

While the Bucks got the win, the streak of scoring 100 points ends at 83. With the modern NBA juicing those numbers, it’s still an impressive feat.