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The Brew Hoop Podcast Episode 53: Bucks Basketball is on Pause. Now What?

Plus: our livestream recording!

In this week’s episode of The Brew Hoop Podcast, Adam, Riley and Kyle take the podcast...LIVE on YouTube. Yes, for anyone who wants to tune in, we’ll be streaming our recording on Sunday mornings, just bear with us as we see how it translates to the podcast version.

For this, we start by reacting to the suspension of play and discuss the resulting narratives, including how this could impact Giannis long-term decision to stay with Milwaukee and the disruption of his MVP season. Then, we ask who from non-Playoff teams could fit on this Bucks squad, name our Bucks cult heroes, what 2008-09 Bucks could fit on this team and close it out with an all-time in-depth fountain pen review and classic movie review.

Check out the recording below, and if you’re free, come check out the livestream next time we record! Thanks to everyone who participated during the stream.