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Come Watch The Brew Hoop Podcast and Bring Questions

We’re on week three of recording with no honest-to-goodness basketball

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Denver Nuggets Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It’s nearly the weekend again folks, which means it’s time to remember another byegone week of Bucks basketball that never was and never will be. Still, The Brew Hoop Podcast continues to soldier on, and hopefully it’s bringing you some level of distraction from our present situation.

We will again be broadcasting our recording live this Sunday, at 9:30 am central, for anyone so inclined to spend an hour or so watching us avoid our significant others and answer questions/comments brought by you, our loyal Brew Hoop community. Here’s the link.

Please feel free to come with comments that day, and feel free to leave any questions or topics you would like us to discuss in the comment section below. Thus far, my main topic is the ten minutes I watched of the Donte/D.J./Cam 2K match they played against are appreciated!

Enjoy your weekend everyone, stay safe, and we hope you can join us this Sunday!