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Monday Morning Media Roundup: May 11th, 2020

The “Taking a hammer to the cap” Edition

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Washington Wizards Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

We’re slowly inching towards two months of the world having been put on pause. It’s given us time to reflect on the things outside of sport, get acquainted with some epidemiological terminology, and watch MJ documentaries to burn time.

As the break has gone on, I can’t help but think I’ve allowed a cynical hue to color my view of sporting as an enterprise. I’ve never truly gotten behind the calls that “we shouldn’t pay these guys X millions for a kids game!” because if people are making money, I’d root for an equitable share going to the content creators. Inside that criticism sits the core frivolity of professional sports, but the critique rarely goes much deeper towards an outright rejection of the activity and just as rarely offers up suggestions for more meaningful activities people should do instead of driving dollars towards these leagues.

It is the inherent difficulty in evaluating any way people choose to spend their free time. Is this thing indulged in by so many any more frivolous than more “marginal” choices?

I’m just musing on a Sunday morning (there’s your weekly peek behind the curtains), and I’ll be right there when basketball starts up again, but it’s hard staying positive given the situation. At least those folks who are always so mad that Timofey Mozgov was making Big Bank will potentially get their wish when the cap takes a coronavirus-sized punch.

Let’s roundup!

Adam Silver prepares NBA players for challenges ahead (ESPN)

There’s some good news in here and some bad news in here. The good news is that the NBA looks to be working pretty actively with the players union and its partners in figuring out a way forward (without, critically, feeling rushed to get back to playing ASAP). The bad news is that apparently 40% of league revenue comes from game-day ops, and it seems implausible that fans returning to arenas in any significant way is a long ways off.

So we’ve got dual arcs to track: One being in what form the 2019-2020 season is completed, the other being the equivalent heart attack finances are going to experience over the next months/years. The fallout, short-term and long-term, promises to be immense.

Lighthearted Bucks keep good vibe going with group chat (ESPN)

Nothing could be more unsurprising from the latest players updates with the media than the revelation that the Lopez twins are the only players who aren’t on iOS. Don’t these guys have enough money to have two phones? Three? Six?

Besides that, it doesn’t sound like there’s much going on for the Bucks. While some states are opening things up and training is gaining clearance, it’s still a fluid situation in Wisconsin.

At least the Lopeii can continue to strengthen their telepathic connection removed from the distracting excesses of the Apple ecosystem.

How to secure your social media accounts if you’re a professional athlete (or anyone else) (SB Nation)

It’s a little annoying to have to keep track of all your authenticator apps, but I can’t help but agree that two-factor authentication is the way to go across all accounts worth securing. Let Giannis (and countless other high-profile figures who chose ‘123456’ as their password) be an example to learn from.

How NBA shutdown helps Warriors’ chances of landing Giannis Antetokounmpo (San Francisco Chronicle) & Giannis to the Raptors? (Sports Illustrated - sort of)

I wish I could give you lackadaisical analysis of these vultures, but 1) The SF Chronicle has run enough stories about Giannis going to Golden State that I’ve exhausted my monthly visit limit and 2) The Raptors piece is based off of a ‘wild prediction’ from a SI columnist who appears to be ripping a trade to Toronto out of thin air. If you’re going to bloviate to help fill click volumes, at least bloviate in a way thinly attached to logical thinking.

The Social Media Section

The youngest Antetokounmpo moves from prep to pro

Getting “I don’t want to be here” flashbacks

I sure do remember some of these games

Okay, what is this though?

Pat Connaughton seems like a fine teammate

I wanted to close this week with my (self-)mandated note of thanks to all the readers and listeners and followers and however else people are following the site. Obviously I’ve withdrawn primarily into the world of podcast-editing and do a poor job of it, as evidenced by the 1) Lack of intro/outro clips in my interview with Adam and 2) My inability to edit out the copious ‘Um’s and ‘Like’s from our discussions. We’re working on sharpening the output a bit while we sit around waiting for a sign of anything from anyone.

Until then, stay safe, and let’s hope the worst remains behind us.

Happy Monday!