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Tuesday Morning Media Roundup: June 2nd, 2020

The “Sorry for the delay” Edition

NBA Announces Possible Re-Opening Of Team Practice Facilities Starting In May Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Regular readers will note that my MMMR has been morphed into the TMMR this week. Apologies for that. Minneapolis was burning this past week, though you already knew that. My attention span was a bit diverted, but this isn’t the space to go into it.

We are back this Tuesday morning with what seems to be serious movement by the NBA towards a 22 team resolution to the season. Gone are the declarations of getting the whole band together to get to the arbitrary 70-game mark for regional sports network dollars. Gone is the proposal to graft soccer’s group system for the hell of it. Just one plan seems to be left standing.

Everything is still in flux with final decisions to be made on just how many teams will show up (the number could drop to 20) and how many “regular season” games will be played before going into a play-in tournament or a revised version of the usual seeding of any normal season.

Which isn’t to say that we’re now on a concrete path to things being back in July. If Disney opens back up to the general public there will be questions on how that complicates the NBA’s arrival. In addition, given the physical proximity of so many individuals over the past week, a spike in cases is inevitable — the only question is how large it’ll be.

Shaky ground is better than no ground at all. The NBA is taking marginal steps towards a return and all that stands between them and success is the rug being pulled right out from under them.

Let’s roundup!

How the trust between Adam Silver and Chris Paul will shape the NBA’s restart (ESPN)

It increasingly feels like the league and players union will find a way to paper over any divided sentiments when finishing this season. Both sides want to finish it, both sides understand that the circumstances are deflating, and both sides acknowledge that any revenue generated now lessens the burden down the road.

However, I do wonder how much the cordiality shall hold when details for the next league year are hashed out. Then the full economic impact of the stoppage will be felt amidst a total overhaul of the regular season as we once knew it. Adam Silver has found a way to thread the needle a few times on a couple issues, so maybe he has another trick up his sleeve and avoids acrimony later this year.

As protests continue, Milwaukee Bucks reaffirm commitment to addressing social injustice (Milwaukee Business Journal)

A lot of organizations have expressed their opinions on the circumstances of the last week and the Bucks were no different.

NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo lands ownership stake in sports drink start-up Ready Nutrition (CNBC)

Oh God, how long until the “Giannis is going to the Sixers to be close to his nutrition empire?” takes start rolling in like a rogue wave sent to decimate us once and for all?

George Hill is spending the NBA hiatus on his 850-acre ranch with zebras, kangaroos and wildebeest (ESPN)

Appropriate in the year of the wildly (sorry) popular docuseries “Tiger King” to find out that George Hill also has a small herd of exotic animals roaming his Texas ranch. 850 acres of space is cool, and I do understand the appeal of having a big chunk of natural land to get away to for stretches at a time, but I split when it comes to building herds of Zebra.

To be fair, I don’t think Zebra would do well during a Rhinelander winter. Maybe Texas really is the best place in the world for them to be.

The Social Media Section

I know a couple of Bucks were out as part of the protests this past week. Here’s DJ Wilson’s perspective (and former Buck Jabari Parker was also in the city)


One blocked shot is worth two leaps in the air

...Giannis isn’t winning it this year, guys

DJ’s account came back to life as well!

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i be forgettin to post my fault

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Apologies again for the delay and the short week. There is still a lot going on and a lot to process. Stay safe, remain resolute, and oppose oppression.

Happy Tuesday!