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Brew Hoop Podcast Episode 62: Breaking Down the NBA’s Return Plan

How the NBA’s return plan may impact the Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The typical crew for The Brew Hoop Podcast makes its return, as Kyle, Riley and myself break down the NBA’s return plan from all angles. With few safety regulations announced yet, we voice some misgivings over our fears from a health standpoint, but then we dive into the proposed plan and how it may impact the Milwaukee Bucks’ ability to progress through the NBA Playoffs. The show kicks off with a few words about the current Black Lives Matter movement as well. Topics include:

  • General impressions of the return plan
  • Opinions on the current format vs. more experimental formats
  • Potential crowd noise and other broadcast implications
  • Confidence level for the Milwaukee Bucks
  • Suggestions for home-court advantages
  • Miscellaneous Topics

You can view the video version of our recording, below.