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Report: Pat Connaughton Tested Positive for COVID-19, Second Buck Affected

Connaughton is not in Florida and has not been in physical contact with the team.

Milwaukee Bucks v Denver Nuggets Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

UPDATE: Pat seems okay.

What a neighbor.

We knew that when Eric Bledsoe was reported to have received a positive test for coronavirus, he would not be likely to be the last. Indeed, with some question about whether teammates Kyle Korver or Pat Connaughton were yet in Orlando or not, speculation regarding Planet Pat can at least now be put to rest.

Connaughton, 27, has found a place in Milwaukee’s rotation as a spark of energy off the bench; his vigor moving around screens, rear-view contesting jump shots, and flying through the air to block a shot (or whiff on a pump fake) is just as valuable as his spectacular dunks, impressive rebounding numbers, and off-and-on three-point shooting.

According to his statement, some may assume that Connaughton (like Bledsoe) is asymptomatic, and that he might be able to navigate his contact with the virus unscathed and rejoin the team in Orlando. We put together an overview of what that looks like (as of this weekend) right now. His absence (as a reserve) is less worrisome than Bledsoe’s absence, but there is optimism on the chances of Eric joining the team soon.

No matter what, we want to keep Pat Connaughton the person at the forefront of our thoughts, and we hope that he’s able to remain healthy and in good spirits while isolating himself and following the NBA’s protocols. The bubble is only open for those who are able to do their part to limit exposure (no matter what Dwight Howard thinks), so only time will tell when Connaughton can rejoin the team.