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Bucks Film Room Live: Eric Bledsoe and a Lack of Spacing

The first ever edition of Bucks Film Room Live takes a look at Eric Bledsoe, how defenses will guard him in the postseason and how he can counter.

Milwaukee Bucks v Phoenix Suns Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images

Welcome to the first ever edition of Bucks Film Room Live! This is a new weekly series that will air LIVE on Mondays at 8pm CT. I’ll spend the first 10 minutes or so breaking down interesting plays that caught my eye and then we’ll be able to chat about said play. You’re free to share your own thoughts, observations and ask any questions that may arise in the comments or on the Bucks Film Room YouTube Channel.

To tip-this series off, I’ll be breaking down the first two plays of the Bucks-Lakers game from March 6th and focus in on Eric Bledsoe’s role in each of those plays. At first, they may not seem connected, but, I promise you, they are directly related. I’ll then touch on how teams will defend Bledsoe in the postseason and what the Bucks’ starting point guard can do to counter.

Throughout all of this, I want YOU to share your observations and ask any questions along the way. I’ll hop into the chats before I end the film session so we can discuss what you’re seeing and sharing. Enjoy!