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The Milwaukee Bucks Select Robin Hood in SB Nation Character Draft

The skilled marksman will make an adept addition in the backcourt

Robin Hood Photo by LMPC via Getty Images

To celebrate the NBA’s impending return in the land that Walt Disney built, SB Nation sites are picking Disney characters they would add to their team’s lineup. Brew Hoop was fortunate enough to land the number one selection.

With the first pick, in the 2020 SB Nation Disney Character Draft, the Milwaukee Bucks select...

Robin Hood

Key Strengths

  • Long range specialist
  • Sneaky athlete
  • Also just sneaky
  • Elite pick-pocketer
  • Cerebral leader

Key Weaknesses

  • Sleight frame
  • Short wingspan
  • Can defer to teammates too often

The entire board was available for us with the first selection in the Disney Character Draft, and after some spirited debate, we ultimately opted for Robin Hood over the likes of Mickey Mouse, Air Bud, Gaston, Ursula and Mulan. There may be some characters with more upside, but the fit and unparalleled marksmanship were just too much to pass up with Mr. Hood.

Not only can he serve as a primary floor general, controlling his on-court compatriots with leadership skills sharpened on commanding a forest of misfits to upend the ruling class. He’ll run point, and there won’t be any questions about his ability to nail shots from deep, whether he’s slinking around picks like he’s climbing trees in a forest or just pulling up from the halfcourt logo before defenses know what hit him. Should Eric Bledsoe falter at all in the postseason, Bud has a tried and true replacement for him. I’d even venture to guess Hood may get the call sooner rather than later in the starting lineup.

To top it all off, I can’t think of a more generous player on the board. He’s all about equal distribution among all his teammates, although I could see that plaguing him a bit at the end of games when Milwaukee really needs him to shoot it rather than try to fling that bounce pass through three defenders to Donte DiVincenzo in the corner. He seems like an ideal running mate to Giannis Antetokounmpo, one pounding from above the arc, the other bullying his way through the paint, Little John style.

I do have my doubts about whether he can adequately take the bruising Bud expects his point guards to suffer when barreling around picks for a rear-view pursuit. However, that could be offset by Hood’s sneaky quick hands defensively. With his experience stealing from the rich, there’s no doubt point guards would fear the league’s best pickpocket. Plus, Hood is incredibly comfortable living in exile, effectively shut off from the rest of the world while plotting how to overtake all who have wronged him and his people. He’d feel right at home in the Orlando bubble.

Let us know in the comments who you would’ve picked in the Disney draft to augment Milwaukee’s roster.