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The Milwaukee Bucks First Round Playoff Schedule is Set

Get ready to spend your lunch breaks watching Bucks-Magic

Milwaukee Bucks v Orlando Magic Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

We all know the 1-8 matchup is rarely the most exciting series, but the recently released schedule for the Milwaukee Bucks first round series against the Orlando Magic really hammers that home. Tell your boss you need proper lunch breaks this week, because three out of the four matchups will tip off around noon Central. Here’s the full breakdown:

Fox Sports Wisconsin will carry all of the first round, as well as national affiliates for the first four tilts. Only one NBATV game is still a pretty decent draw given Milwaukee’s usual demotion to that substandard stage. Still, no Bucks fan will be happy to see the plethora of afternoon tilts on the schedule, which have typically been the bane of the team’s existence. Those sluggish games will have to be avoided, even against an opponent as relatively unthreatening as the Orlando Magic. Given the uneven play thus far though, it’s time to see if this team is ready to flip the switch come next Tuesday.

What does everyone else think about the schedule as it stands now? Are you worried at all about the tip-off times beyond the annoyance of having to tune in at work a couple times? Let us know in the comments below.