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Milwaukee Bucks Refusing to Play Game 5, First NBA Team To Strike

The team was “in serious discussion” about boycotting tonight’s game. Then it just...happened.

NBA: Playoffs-Orlando Magic at Milwaukee Bucks Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

In an unexpected turn of events, the Milwaukee Bucks seem to be considering boycotting today’s game against the Orlando Magic.

This is a developing story.

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UPDATE: We spoke to the story that is fueling this potential boycott yesterday; in Kenosha, Jacob Blake was shot in the back by two police officers as he attempted to get into his vehicle. There is much, much more to that story, but we’re going to focus on the Bucks for now.

In hindsight, this wasn’t a huge surprise. Members of the Toronto Raptors were reported to be discussing a boycott earlier in the day, and George Hill in particular was open with how he felt about playing in the bubble during this moment of social unrest.

UPDATE: It’s official, or at least reported by Woj:

UPDATE: The Bucks are not here to play around, and to their credit, the Magic do not seem interested in claiming a game of the series by forfeit:

Additionally, the Bucks only seem to be the first team to boycott.

UPDATE: The NBA, in what is probably a wise move, is reportedly postponing all of today’s games until further notice.

Also, the boycott seems to be expanding to baseball.