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Rapid Recap: Bucks 130, Heat 116

Miami Heat v Milwaukee Bucks Photo by Kim Klement-Pool/Getty Images

Working to secure the Eastern Conference’s best record against a team that has been problematic in the past, the Milwaukee Bucks mounted a comeback against the Miami Heat, 130-116.

Other than a few fleeting moments of success to start the game, an ugly first half set the tone for the second half comeback, where Milwaukee stormed with a huge run to retake a small lead. Miami regained control at the beginning of the fourth quarter, which was a back and forth affair until Khris Middleton and Giannis Antetokounmpo ripped control of the game from the Heat and refused to give it back.

Giannis Antetokounmpo led the way with 33 points and 12 rebounds, but had 6 turnovers and 5 fouls. He also was a perfect 13-13 inside the arc. But the day was owned by Khris Middleton (33 points, 8 assists, 6 rebounds) and his incredible fourth-quarter performance. Not to be forgotten, Brook Lopez added 17 points of his own, and his defensive efforts in the third quarter set the tone for the Bucks to retake the game.

For Miami, who was missing Jimmy Butler and Goran Dragic, it was a group effort, and everyone came to play. Seven members of the Heat scored in double figures, and Miami went 21/46 from deep.

Stat That Stood Out: –109

The combined +/- of the Miami Heat starters shines a light on just how badly the Heat bench outplayed the Bucks’ reserves in the first half, and then how much more badly the Bucks’ starters put it on the Heat in the second half. It truly was a tale of two halves today; the first half felt like the Bucks of the past, while the second half seemed like the Bucks of the...more recent past. Hopefully they double as the Bucks of the future.