Will bucks owners get desperate if jrue ain't the answer???

So far a 3-3 record doesn't look too impressive with jrue!!! I just read GA and Damian Lillard are buddies... Will just stay (player option) we don't win a title this year??? Here's a crazy trade offer...

BUCKS send Jrue and both Dj's (37.1 million) Optional 1st rd pick

BLAZERS send Dame, Mello and one if Kanter or Collins (38.7 milliin)... Optional minimum 2 2nds

By doing this we won't be relying on jrue to be a bang or bust trade addition!!! But we would have 2 max Contract players rostered and Dame would be worth a first in a trade at the end of his contract!!! Not sure if we would have to include (to draft and trade) our upcoming 1st Rd pick??? If we do this i would make DDV our #2PG. I'd spot start DDV and Cov based on matchup. This would also cover our #2 center Opening!!!

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