Did You Enjoyed the Title Enough?

5 days before the next NBA season starts.

What happened a few months back in the playoffs was truly a great achievement for anybody following this team. The Bucks became NBA Champions. THEY ARE NBA CHAMPIONS!!! Last couple of months as strange as it sounds I had difficulty to cope with that reality. If you asked me, my usual reaction would be, "Ok, I seen them win it, but you know let's get to business as usual". Probably I have to say it in another way so it sticks better to my old tortured brain.


Maybe part of the reason is that I live on the other side of the pond and couldn't be at the Deer district. So, the question that creeped more than one time out of my thoughts... "Did I enjoy the title enough?", "Does asking this question make me a bad fan?"

Anybody reading this fanpost, most likely was watching this unfolding that day:

Since than I watched some series in replay. I have read plentiful of Brewhoop articles on this site (thanks to the writers in here), the comments too, other articles around the web (Riley and his MMM mostly responsible for this, lol) and you can see, even now guys around the league are asking our guys for interviews about that time.

This one was aired yesterday. An interview with PatC:

So, how can someone measure enjoyment? I really don't know the answer to it and if you ask me, there's no enjoyment measuring device out there, that can help you out.

Then, something happened a couple of days before which gave me an answer to my question which made me feel quite comfortable. The pre-season game against the Thunder. It was the first time since the days of winning it all were all the guys entered the basketball court together (sorry PJ not you, but I've heard Miami has a nice weather).

You could see pure joy in the faces of the guys. Particularly Giannis was having real fun. Confidence was abundant to Khris, Pat and Jrue. Brook was having some fun moments with opponents, despite getting fouled. It was as Bud wanted to relive those nostalgia moments too. All the guys were so relaxed and btw were blowing out OKC in the game, that you only could feel good for them.

In the end it's not about me, but about all the guys that were part of this tilte run. True enjoyment is not an asset that you own, but a fleeding feeling which you can grasp at random moments. One positive comment, one positive article, one positive action by a player. To say that everyone should post only positive things wouldn't be right either. There must be a balance. Something that reminds you there's another side of the coin and I have been part of that side plentiful enough this off-season.

Have fun everybody! Enjoy the new season!

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