This is Blasphemous, but... I'm proposing a trade

We won a title. So all the "proposed trades" to fix the team fanposts probably should die. But I'm not letting them die.

It seems like ownership is out on Donte. I would expect to see him traded either at the deadline or in a S&T this offseason. But I've also been thinking about Brooks age - Giannis is young, and we want our core winning titles for years to come. All that led me to this proposed trade

IND receives: Donte DiVincenzo, Brook Lopez

MIL receives: Myles Turner

To me, Turner is the guy Milwaukee should target if and when it's time to move on from Brook. Having a young, cost-controlled asset to throw at Indiana makes this a potential move for them, especially with Turner on the way out in the not-so distant future.

OK, this trade is dumb and I'm dumb for posting it before the season started but I'm kinda bored. Let's get to Tuesday already and start down the road to another title!

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