The Bucks Should Fill their Final Roster Spot

Milwaukee is off to a great start this season, and I think it's safe to say we should be the favorites to repeat as NBA champions, provided Kyrie doesn't return to Brooklyn and Dame doesn't find his way into LA or Philadelphia by season's end.

That said, injuries are mounting and this team desperately needs depth in order to stay afloat for the next few weeks. Even if it's a non-guaranteed deal, the team absolutely needs to utilize the 15th roster spot to this end. I don't think anyone's turning down an opportunity to play meaningful minutes for the reigning champs and have a shot at cracking the future rotation. Here's the guys we should consider

Harry Giles, PF. A versatile defender and negligible offensive contributor, Giles should at least provide some sort of height - which the team desperately needs.

Noah Vonleh, PF. Same as above except slightly worse on the defensive end - but with the plus that he can knock down some catch & shoot 3s on offense.

John Henson, C. Same as above, except a bit more of a rim defender rather than a guy who can switch on the perimeter. And a slightly greater chance he's already washed.

Demarcus Cousins, C. He can't get through a full season healthy - but last year he was able to contribute to the Clippers rotation for a solid month. That's all we need.

Al Foruq Aminu, PF. He's at least a solid frontcourt player, even if he offers nothing in terms of rim defense.

James Ennis, SF. Just a guy who can soak up minutes. Probably the best available FA - not a position of need, but anyone playable would be worth signing.

Elijah Bryant, SF. Not as good a player as Ennis, but certainly a serviceable rotation player. He could even be signed to a two-way spot at the expense of Justin Robinson should one of the players next on this list be signed.

Wes Matthews, SF. Probably washed, but see the arguments for Ennis and Bryant.

Ryan Arcidiacano, PG. A 3&D point guard in the mold of Delly, Arc would be a massive upgrade over Robinson defensively, and can hold is own on the offensive end. No one's going to be that excited about the 2nd coming of Delly, but right now our 3rd string PG is getting 10-15mpg. I'd like to see that spot upgraded - and of course, it would open the way for Elijah Bryant on a two-way spot.

Kris Dunn, PG. See the argument for Arc, except all of the D, and none of the three. Still, a great perimeter defender and good ball handler would really ease the pain of Jrue's minutes restrictions.

Jeff Teague, PG. Teague helped keep the team afloat at times last season. Would he be willing to do the team a solid on a non-guaranteed contract and do it again? I would certainly hope so.

What do you all think? To me, it's a no-brainer to get a contributor on the 15th spot with half the rotation out, even if it's temporary. Do you think any of these guys can contribute? Is there someone else you want?

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