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Bucks Lose to Wolves: Am I Overreacting?

The Wolves? The Wolves?!

Minnesota Timberwolves v Milwaukee Bucks
Bobby Portis Appears to Struggle Going Against KAT
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Welcome to “Am I Overreacting?” a spontaneous new series discussing if my knee-jerk reactions to the Milwaukee Bucks is a bit much. Sometimes fans are criticized for having overreactions about sports, but that’s what fans do. I’m literally writing this, as a fan, with my candid reaction to last night’s loss. You might not like it, and that’s okay. Read on, if you dare.

Yes, I get it. This is game 5 of the NBA season. Yes, I realize no Jrue Hoilday, Donte DiVincenzo, Brook Lopez and a rusty Bobby Portis thinned the rotation. Yes, I realize my PJ Tucker replacement (Semi Ojeleye) also wasn’t quite...adequate in his debut.

But, this is the Minnesota Timberwolves. The TIMBERWOLVES! At home! Jordan Nwora might be better than everybody on that team part of that awful organization who is not named Karl-Anthony Towns (though I think I prefer Karl Towns).

How did we lose to this team? Losing to Minnesota can completely ruin my Extended Forecast (October Edition) unless the Bucks beat San Antonio again and Utah. But Minnesota was also the team I guaranteed the W over the most. So yeah, I’m a bit upset, that this bad of a team can make a vastly depleted version of us lose. Giannis and Khris are the two best on the court, and it’s not as close as you think. And yet, somehow, we let Towns, D’Angelo Russell and Anthony Edwards all get at least 25 points. Did we scout this team? Did we realize these are the best three players, so maybe guarding one of them might make the five-point loss into a win?

This kind of stuff is why people wanted to fire Mike Budenholzer after game 2 in the semifinals against Brooklyn. It is why they didn’t think the Bucks were more than a pretender. Yes, they won the title, but losing at home to Minnesota is lazy, awful, and absurd. Especially when Giannis plays like he did. Unacceptable, and while today maybe isn’t super important to the success of the team as a whole, if they do start to slip and have an early exit, this is the first example as to why.

So, am I overreacting? Am I somehow underreacting? Are the Timberwolves actually better than everybody, including Minnesota fans, thought?


Am I Overreacting? Game 5 Edition

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(Also, before you bring it up; the Miami game is a completely different situation, and they have much better players overall. That loss was not worrying to me because Milwaukee barely played Giannis and Middleton, and were without the other four best players on the team. That was a fluke game against a good team; this is a concerning loss against a bad team.)