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Site Announcement: One More! Welcome To Our Newest Member

Hello again everyone. If you’re getting deja vu, that’s because we made major additions to our staff just a few weeks ago, and we couldn’t help ourselves by adding one more person to the group. Luckily, she’s excited to join, and we’re excited for her to be aboard! Please join me in welcoming this particular Milwaukee Bucks blog’s newest member.

Kahrima W. – @SisKahrima

Hi, I’m Kahrima Winston, or Kahrima W. or K. Winston or K.W., and I am a Milwaukee native, born and raised in a condominium in a suburb of Milwaukee. I’ve written a few things. I have my own blog called dialogue, which I love for people to read. I have a youtube channel also called dialogue where I talk about basketball, so please subscribe. I am a new contributor for Brew Hoop because I love sports and I love writing about sports, especially basketball and the Bucks. I have been a basketball fan since my childhood; watching, playing, and reading about basketball, all of which inspired me to want to become a sports writer. That I am working on now, and I am here to provide the best analysis of NBA things all around the world, but especially at Fiserv Forum of the Bucks. Go Bucks go, let’s win another championship! When I am not reading sports articles or writing them, I am reading James Baldwin and listening to “Billie Jean” by the King of Pop. My favorite basketball player of all-time is the GOAT Allen Iverson.

Follow me on Twitter for basketball tweets, quotes, and hot wings @SisKahrima.

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