Buck Wars, Episode IV, A New Hope

A long time ago in a movie theatre that is now a parking lot, I saw Star Wars for the first time. In 1977 Marques Johnson was a rookie and my favorite player. Life was good. I figured the Bucks were just a few seasons away from winning another ring.

Well, that championship took a little longer than I thought, but it sure was was sweet that I could share it through the voice of the 1st MJ. So glad he came home. But we have work to do, time to win another ring and I am not getting any younger. So begins my 9 part series on how the team is going to do it again (actually just like Disney Star Wars, I have no plan and I am just winging it).

Han Solo

Luke Skywalker might of been the new hope, but he never becomes the hero without Han Solo. The scoundrel who saves the day.

As they say, "hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for having a good 3 point shot on your side". Which brings us to the Bryn Forbes/Grayson Allen conversation.

Are the Bucks better with Grayson Allen? Well are nerf herders cool? Let's look at how the Bucks did when Forbes was on/off the court.

Using, the Bucks were 3.4 pts/100 worse on defense when Forbes was on the court. Is that a big deal? Well they would of ranked 6th in DRtg without him on the court and 25th when he was on the court. And remember, he would spend half his minutes with Luke on the court (I mean Giannis).

Ok, I understand. I can hear you now. "RJ, you are not being fair, we all know that he is not great on defense, but he brings it on offense. I have good feeling about this (offensive numbers)."

Well lets look at the offense. When Forbes was on the court, the Bucks had the 8th best ORtg in the NBA. Not bad. However, when Forbes was not on the court, the Bucks had the best (1st) ORtg. Even better than the Empire (Nets).

Bryn Forbes make Jar Jar Binks seem like a good idea. The good guys were worse with him on defense and offense.

The best part about the Bucks new scoundrel is that he is not Bryn Forbes. Addition by subtraction. And if you are wondering about Forbes playoffs on/off, well they remind me of the Star Wars Christmas Special (Forbes regular season on/off -5.5, playoffs -16.0).

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