Where did the fan posts go?

For a while we've had regular contributions from the community to this site. And now? Well not so many. Is it because of of the injuries? Is it too hard to invest when you don't know what you have? Is it post championship hang over? Are we not interested the same because the season. Doesn't matter as much? Did people leave whe coral was announced? Hasn't been quite as clunky as was feared. Hope your experience has been similar.

Or has the miserable contract with Sinclair to broadcast on a station they can't get on most providers been a part of the problem? Seriously, there's one carrier in SE Wisconsin that you can even get the games on. I can't believe they haven't voided the contract because of that. They'd be better off trying to get it over the air on individual stations at this point. I haven't seen a single game all year. Heard a few, but I count on game threads to keep me up to date on that nights game when I can follow along.

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