NON-Rapid Recap - Denver NONggets vs Milwaukee Bucks

Welcome to the non-planned, not continuing series, no hard feelings, non rapid recap. Mostly a recap to hold JSO's 2.0 rapid recap gif, let's go to business and fill 150 words to publish this one.

In the event you missed it or purposefully hold on until now not to check the box score of the game... the BUCKS WON!!! I can't remember the score, but it was surely one point more than the NONggets scored.

This marks the Bucks 6th straight win and it was no surprise they were able to bring this win at home. The NONggets played without their first, second and third best players and their 4th best one shoot 2-13 from the 3 point line.

On the other side, the Bucks without Donte and Brook, shoot almost 50% from the 3 and had efficient games from Khris and Jrue. I guess the lower minute count helps in that regard and I put faith in Bud to sort it out this season.

Game Highlights video by a publisher I don't think is legal:

So, we are coming to an end with this one.

"The slow turtle (the NON-rapid recap dude), is beating the quick rabbit for once". Zen - Meditative music - Ying Yang - Absolute balance silence... Hope you enjoyed, stay tuned for this never again occuring event...

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