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Highlights from the Milwaukee Bucks White House Visit

If you missed it, you truly didn’t miss all too much!!

President Biden Honors NBA Champion Milwaukee Bucks Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

For the first time since 2016, an NBA Champion is visiting the White House to celebrate their title — bully on the Milwaukee Bucks for staking that claim on this Monday afternoon. The highlights were numerous — and the fresh fits of suits up and down the roster were a far sight from their usual pregame warm-ups. In truth, there wasn’t all that much to see from the short affair, but for those that couldn’t turn in, here are a few highlights:

  • I wish I were smart enough to know what meme or whatever Pat is referencing with his caption…but I like the swagger from Giannis nonetheless
  • Did anyone else also try to memorize the Gettysburg Address for their seventh grade social studies class? Seems like Brook probably did…
  • Watching Giannis stroll behind President Biden and Marc Lasry was such a funny sight, especially as the Prez stood up there in his aviators.
  • It was nice to hear Herb Kohl get a shoutout from the President as well, who mentioned their friendship from Herb’s time in the senate.
  • It might’ve been worth not having Donte get traded just to hear him get an individual shoutout from the President, referencing their Delaware connections. The Michael Jordan of Delaware got nearly even more discussion than Giannis or any other player — as it should be.
  • Proud of Jrue Holiday for taking some solid ribbing from President Biden about him “marrying up” with his wife Lauren. Double kudos to those two for helping promote vaccination.
  • We got a veiled connection between the Bucks working together and Biden’s commitment to bipartisanship…politics baby!
  • I hope Khris gets better soon — it was a real bummer to not get to see him out there with all his teammates on the White House lawn.
  • Giannis gave a relatively stately speech to the masses shouting out their families for their support, all the Milwaukee fans and discussing how his accomplishments mean anyone’s dreams can come true.
  • Think a Bucks All Access video for this trip would be considered a security risk?
  • It was a real missed marketing opportunity not to get a picture of Joe Biden clutching one of Milwaukee’s new Mixtape jerseys.