Gravity, Inertia, Plant Science, and Team Building

Inertia is defined as:

a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force.

Now you might be asking, what the hell are you talking about now? Well I am talking about Changing (hopefully for the better). Bowie

As we all know, the Bucks have acquired two historically problem children. Grayson Allen and DeMarcus Cousins have had their share of bad press and have toiled on poor teams as they have never reached their full potential. You could say they have been kind of stuck on the same trajectory.

What changes stagnant inertia? Well that would be force. And their is no greater force than gravity. And lucky for both of them, they have entered a new solar system and the sun is named Giannis.

We have already seen the wonders of the Giannis gravitational force has done to Allen. Allen had a .094 ws/48 with the Grizz and .159 ws/48 with the Bucks. He even seems likable.

As Cousins enters the Giannis orbit, I predict the same synergy will be seen.

Gravity is a two way street. And we know, Giannis can not win a ring alone. Giannis might change the path of Allen and Cousins, but they will also have an effect on him.

In the plant world, photosynthesis (winning) is controlled by 3 main factors, light, temp and CO2 levels.

fun with science

A basketball teams success is controlled by a balance between toughness, playmaking, and outside shooting. If a team is missing one of those factors, it becomes limiting to its success. Adding more to a strength does not always provide the bounce that you hope for. Shoring up a weakness can pay big dividends.

Allen has held up his end of the bargain (career highs of 63 ts%, 42 3pt%). Will Cousins bring that toughness that the team has been missing? If he does, the change in the Bucks inertia might just lead to another ring.

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