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Brew Hoop Podcast Episode 116: COVID and the Up and Down week

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Cleveland Cavaliers v Milwaukee Bucks Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images

It was an interesting week not only for the NBA, but also the Milwaukee Bucks. Sean Eaton fills in for Riley and joins Adam and Kyle in this week’s episode. The three of them talk about the COVID outbreak across the league and how they’re handling it and the impacts it’s had on the Milwaukee Bucks roster overall. Then we go to some more optimistic topic as they reflect on the year anniversary of Giannis signing his supermax deal which includes a fun story. Lastly they talk about the rough weeks of games with a win sprinkled in and if there is a concern on the milage of the players but also the opportunity. for some others. After the break, Kyle provides the rapid fire questions, and a film review of Home Alone 2 ending with the three of them try to predict this week’s games.

An update, there will not be an episode next week as we will take the week off for Christmas. We appreciate each and every one of you who listens, shares and subscribes and hope you all have a happy and safe Holidays.