I love the Bucks, Cheese and Beer. Coming to Milwaukee…All tips appreciated!!!

The more I learned about the team I picked to cheer for, the more I felt I’d fit in alright in Wisconsin.

So, has anyone got any tips on any of the cheese and beer aspects while I visit you guys? American cheese is kinda lumped into one bracket over here in the UK but I’m sure there’s loads of local specials that we don’t hear about here.

Same for beers of course. I just don’t wanna be too drunk when I look up at Donte’s picture from the Deer District and just almost certainly cry for how it must feel to be such an engine all year and then have to sit out the finals.

I will certainly think of this community and the scenes from the DD (game 7, Durant’s shot that looked like a heartbreaking 3 to my late night drunk eyes. Need to be at Fiserv sober to take it all in, so cheese first…then beer.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ramble, just excited!

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