December 2021 book review. Leaders eat last

At the interest of some of the board members I'll be the first to write a book review. Many of you are far more well and/or widely read than I am. In the interest of growth I picked up Simon Sineks book Leaders Eat Last.

The basic premise goes to an experience he had of watching Marine leaders waiting to eat. He then expounds on the ideas behind this practice. And other similar lessons in leading people. To be fair I didn't get to review the book since I read it.

The idea behind letting your troops eat is that they're doing the fighting, the lifting, and you need them ready. Its one of the few times you can physically show them you're putting them before you. It's often a lesson for new leaders in caring for those under them.

The other lessons build off of this philosophy of putting the people below you first. Companies with happier employees have less turnover. Better continuity leads to retention of lessons learned. Leadership that knows what the people below them are going through. Less time and money spent hiring and training new employees. Much of this is discussed with the relevant statistics and research.

Some of it talks about leading generation "WHY?" And what they bring by wanting to know the why's. Though he has a whole book on that as well.

In all its one I recommend particularly for newer leaders. I think understanding the why's and hows of caring for those below you is something that is valuable beyond just the idea of making sure a task gets done. There's a lot I'll do for a leader I trust, even if I don't like them personally, that I wouldn't for one I liked but didn't believe in. And while the two often go hand in hand, there are plenty of times people I like aren't people I trust as leaders.

There are more lessons in the book that I'm sure I'm forgetting.

I can add more details later if someone has questions. After I find my copy of course.

I know someone read another book on the levels of teams that I can't remember the name though I'm sure on of you can remind me. Level 5 was where we thought Bud and the Bucks were.

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