Myles Turner

According to Shams, the Pacers are rebuilding, and are looking to trade both Caris LeVert and one of Myles Turner or Domantas Sabonis.

There's plenty of teams that can outbid us for Turner - but if the Warriors stay out (rumored they don't want to offer Wiseman or Kuminga), if Philly won't offer Simmons for Sabonis, and the Celtics lowball, we can get in there.

Bucks Send: Brook Lopez, Donte DiVincenzo, Jordan Nwora

Pacers Send: Myles Turner

Why the Bucks do it: Brook Lopez is hurt, and the Bucks can't be sure he'll be back for the playoffs. This is a year for back to back rings and the Bucks go all in. Not only that, but at 34 years old it's time for the Bucks to find his longterm replacement. Turner is the closest thing to Brook in terms of a "splash mountain" - admittedly he doesn't have the same post game, but he's an elite interior defender and a 40% 3pt shooter who can replicate what Brook offered in 2019 and 2020 (2021 Brook really went back to his post game in a way Turner cannot replicate). It's worth the cost of a promising young player (DiVincenzo) and a theoretically good scorer (Nwora) to pull this off, especially since both fit best as SGs and the Bucks have a glut of good SGs (Allen, PatC, Wes, Hood). Remember both DDV and Nwora are RFAs next year and are likely to be priced out beyond what the Bucks want to pay. Finally, as we've seen with older Bucks players in the past, it's quite possible Brook would return on an MLE or BAE after he hits free agency (Age 36, 2023) to back up Turner.

Why the Pacers do it: In this deal, Indiana gets a good young SG (DDV), a project SF (Nwora), and a player that's quite possibly better than the player they're trading at the same position when healthy (Lopez). This is a bit more of a longview for the Pacers - they get 2 assets now, and recognize that next year, when Lopez is fully healthy and can help a contender, they'll get another good asset (at least a first-round pick - if not multiple picks). The question really comes down to what the other offers are, but in a vacuum this seems like an excellent trade for a rebuilding team.

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