What kind of fan are you?

Ex-player, coach, scout, metrics junkie, over the top,casual, lifelong, ignorant, or a nice blend?

I originally started participating in blogs years ago because I live in rural area, basically work by myself in the outdoors and don't get many opportunities to talk Bucks basketball. No one around here much cares, it's Packers or bust.

Since coming to brewhoop I was a bit taken aback with the multiple levels of fandom. The information shared is greatly appreciated and the opinions generally are welcome despite some overreacting at the drop of a hat people whom I just take with a grain of salt. Considering the different walks of life and world wide reach its amazingly in control with little confrontation.

Just wanted to thank all or most participants for tolerating my views. I'm all of the descriptions above except metrics junkie, but that's a discussion all it's own better led by someone else.

So any way who are you? We're all here for the common Bucks discussion but what are your individual credentials and expectations of this forum?

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