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Brew Hoop Podcast Episode 89: Two DJ’s for a PJ

New acquisitions and a comeback win

Indiana Pacers v Milwaukee Bucks Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The Brew Hoop Podcast crew is back after an extended All-Star break to talk all things Milwaukee Bucks. In episode 89, Riley, Kyle and Adam talk about the Bucks recent acquisition of P.J. Tucker and what his arrival means for the team’s playoff potential. They also dissect how the trade impacts the cap, future roster moves, plus thoughts on the quick departures of Augustin and Torrey Craig. After that, we shift the conversation to the pair of victories against the Washington Wizards and the comeback victory against a fraudulent Sixers team.

Then at the end, we touch briefly on Giannis winning ASG MVP, the fleeting and no longer interest of Jason Kidd coaching UNLV, Kyle reviews High School Musical 2, and Riley reviews a fountain pen ink that’s an immediate standout. As always, we thank you for listening on your podcast platforms and encourage you all to rate, review, subscribe and share with your friends.