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Last Call! 2021 NBA Trade Deadline Open Thread

The window for teams to swap players and picks closes at 3:00pm EST.

Syndication: Milwaukee Mike De Sisti, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

It’s that time again; the time where fake accounts dupe us into believing something outlandish happened and random people with “sources” release transaction rumors that hold less water than my 2-year old carrying a cup from the sink to the table.

The NBA Trade Deadline is here.

For the Milwaukee Bucks, they once again were the early bird and seized their worm in the form of a trade with Houston for PJ Tucker and a trade with Phoenix for cash considerations. They have two open roster spots, about $1.2M in room under the luxury tax and roughly $3.5M under the apron, and...not much to do today.

The playoff rotation is all but set at this point; with respect to the fact that anything can happen on trade deadline day, the Bucks lack the flexibility or assets to get involved in any deals for players of relative significance. They are widely expected to fill their roster spots with pro-rated minimum contracts on the buyout market; who they sign will be dictated by availability more than anything else.

That doesn't mean that it’s not worth following along. Please do yourself a favor and set up notifications for verified news breakers, like Shams Charania or Adrian Wojnarowski, so you can avoid sharing misinformation. I’ve fallen for the trap before, and it doesn’t feel great. One name we’ll all be watching for is Kyle Lowry, who seems to have resigned himself to being moved away from Toronto. Were Lowry to end up in Miami or Philadelphia, the Bucks’ path to claiming the East in the postseason gets even rockier. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen!

Be sure to post links or embed media if you’re sharing a rumor in the comments. Let’s see what happens!

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