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Brew Hoop Podcast Episode 90: The Merrill and Nwora Power Hour

Trade deadline, buyouts, and games as well

New York Knicks v Milwaukee Bucks

Adam, Riley, and Kyle are back again with episode 90 of the Brew Hoop Podcast. For this week’s episode, the three of them break down a small stepback for the Milwaukee Bucks after weeks of rolling over teams. First, they talk about how the offense was making every shot possible against the Indiana Pacers, and then discuss the two games against the Boston Celtics. The three wonder if something was different with Giannis’ aggressiveness and what changed between Wednesday’s win and Friday’s loss. Then, to complete the game recaps, they talk about the greatest game ever in the Thanasis-led efforts against the New York Knicks and wonder if there’s a balance on wanting the rookies to play.

After discussing the games, they discuss the trade deadline and where does that leave Milwaukee compared to their Eastern Conference counterparts. Then, Riley goes on a rant about the Chicago Bulls while Kyle wonders whether the buyout market really matters. At the end we do our miscellaneous topics with rapid fire questions, Kyle completes his review of the High School Musical trilogy and Riley reviews a Robert Oster ink.

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