Best Fanpost of the Week

Nobody else has made a fanpost this week (or last week for that matter) so this is automatically the best. That's right, superior fanpost of the week, and deserving of recognition in the Monday article.

So, what are your thoughts on this fanpost? Let me know in the comment section. I think you'll agree that this is by far the best of the week, no real comparison. My skills as a writer...clearly unmatched.

Add some Bucks content you say? Ok, the Bucks beat the 76ers this week. I give that a thumbs up.

These fanposts seem to require more and more words every week. At this point I think it is getting ridiculous. What am I, a writing monkey? I'm putting my whole soul out here and it doesn't meet the word count. Well, hopefully I am getting close because this joke seems less and less worth the effort. There it is.

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