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Share Your Voice - Sign Up to be a Brew Hoop SB Nation Reacts Participant

Help build more confident polls as we head into the postseason

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NBA: Sacramento Kings at Milwaukee Bucks Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

We are considered the voice of the Milwaukee Bucks community here at Brew Hoop, and we talk every day about how the Bucks are doing — whether they’ll win their upcoming games, how frustrating their fourth quarter losses continue to be, why Jrue Holiday has made everyone much happier of this season.

One of the best part of this site is how everyone weighs in with their opinions with the comments, but it’s also helpful to get a broader sense of the general sentiment across Brew Hoop readers. While we run polls on the site, SB Nation has a larger polling project called SB Nation Reacts that lets you weigh in on your confidence in this Milwaukee Bucks team week-to-week.

Some of you may already be signed up, but if this sounds intriguing to you, then you can SIGN UP HERE.

If you sign up, you’ll be among a hand-selected group from SB Nation NBA who answers quick polls each week developed by SB Nation. Your votes will be anonymous—though if you join, you’re welcome to tell anyone you like.

Heading into May, we plan to publish the results of these polls on Brew Hoop. You can see similar pieces on some of our sister sites. As we prepare for the Playoffs, this seems like a particularly useful exercise given the aspirations of this team. Here’s an example of how the results have looked thus far this season:

Your voice will help us keep tabs on the temperature of this team among Brew Hoop readers, so sign up to participate in SB Nation Reacts by clicking here.