Top 18 Players in the NBA

Welcome to my annual player rankings!

I've painstakingly ranked the top 180 players in the NBA and will release a series of fanposts, starting with this ranking of the top 18 players in the league. In the post for each individual position I'll talk in more detail about what factors I primarily used to rank, but for this top 18, I had used factors that I didn't use for other players.

The ability to lead a team to both the playoffs and to a title are critical. The Pinnacle tier have all been the best player on a championship team (or at least arguably the best). The Icon tier could become that and can be the best player on a Conference Finals team. The Superstars may have the ceiling of the Icons at times, but have some flaws that prevent them from totally being at that level. All of these are absolutely elite players. All of these guys can also be referred to by a single name.

I'd love to know your thoughts and feedback on these, as I love the discussion! So, without further ado...

Rank Player Age Team
Tier A Pinnacle
1 Lebron 35 Lakers
2 Curry 32 Warriors
3 Kawhi 29 Clippers
4 Durant 32 Nets
Tier B Icons
5 Jokic 25 Nuggets
6 Giannis 25 Bucks
7 Embiid 26 .76ers
8 Doncic 21 Mavericks
9 Harden 31 Nets
10 Lillard 30 Blazers
Tier C Superstars
11 Davis 27 Lakers
12 Butler 31 Heat
13 Tatum 22 Celtics
14 Trae 22 Hawks
15 Kyrie 28 Nets
16 Paul 35 Suns
17 Adebayo 23 Heat
18 Mitchell 24 Jazz

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