Whats the return for Khris?

With the way the team is playing, and the recent NOSEDIVE by Khris Middleton, I'm expecting a 1st round exit by the Bucks. This will lead to Bud being gone. Also the roster will need fresh blood as none of the vets are going to resign to a losing club for less money than they can get elsewhere.

So to fill those holes you're trading your player thats been signed the longest, unless Holiday pushes his way out of a potentially bad situation. I.E.q Khris being worse from here on out compared to previous seasons, and the team hard capped.

What do you get for Khris? Do you go for a single star type player? Young guy and over priced vet to make the money work?

I just don't have a good feeling about the performance that I have seen. From the players or the years long coaching decisions from the head coach. I'm optimistic about Horst. But thats it. The roster is about to be BARE outside of a few players, there's no draft picks for fresh blood, and there is a coach thats years late on adapting.

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