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Monday Morning Media Roundup: May 3rd, 2021

The “Slim pickings means the season is finishing up” Edition

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Atlanta Hawks Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

You know you’re getting near the end of the regular season when there really just isn’t much being written about your team by the national media. Whatever narrative or conclusions they’ve come to aren’t going to change at this point (unless it is exclusively for clicks), and the action of the back-end of the playoff bracket is more compelling at the moment with the likes of the Lakers dangling just above the play-in tournament cut-off.

Which is fine by us, I say! I was able to dig up a few nuggets here or there both Bucks and non-Bucks in nature to tide us over.

Just two weeks left in the regular season. Somehow, someway, we’ve nearly made it.

Let’s roundup!

14 Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Funniest Moments That Prove He’s A Total Dad (BuzzFeed)

A little strange that we’ve never had a BuzzFeed crossover here on the MMMR before, but take the time to get in touch with your inner Millennial/Gen Z self with this listicle.

As of this writing, the comments on that piece are all gushing about how cool he seems. BuzzFeed doing valuable work spreading the good word.

P.J. Tucker Q&A: Bucks Trade, Guarding James Harden and More (Sports Illustrated)

Tucker seems like a pretty good interview based on this Q&A and from the other bits and pieces of media I’ve seen him in. I think he’s a pretty unique player in that he’s been used as a “guard up” guy in a sport that doesn’t always allow for someone to do that well, and from what he’s said he knows exactly the lane he’s supposed to fill in Milwaukee. That makes his transition into the rotation that much easier, and hopefully pays dividends for us down the line.

Tune-In Tidbits: Bucks v. Nets (

The timing on this one wasn’t ideal as it was meant for yesterday’s ABC broadcast, but the Covid season means we’ll be running it back against the Nets tomorrow for a rubber match, so we’ll just pretend the numbers in the story haven’t significantly changed in the meantime.

The Harsh Realities of 10-Day-Contract Life in the NBA (The Ringer)

I’ve often wondered at how these guys who are at the extreme fringes of NBA rosters deal with the pressure of 10-day contracts. The money, stability, resume-building at stake must feel like a crazed convergence of potential timelines. For a lot of the guys who get 10-day deals, they’ve been waiting for months attempting to stay in shape for the chance to maybe get 10 more days with a team and, if things break their way, a spot with a roster the rest of the year. Pro sports is a harsh mistress, and she is harsher on nobody more than the last few trying to make it.

How does the NBA play-in tournament work? Dates, projections and rules explained (ESPN) & State of the NBA Races (The Ringer)

Looking for a more holistic analysis of the oncoming NBA playoff picture with more detail and nuance than whatever yammering I do on each week’s NBA Weekly Game Thread? You’re in luck: two different media organizations directed their employees to whip up something special just for you.

FanPost of the Week

What am I going to do with you guys? I mean, look at these certified psychos:

Now, to be fair to R983 (who I thank for prompting an outpouring of FanPosts) and stoneAge (who remains the lifeblood of the commentariat), I asked quite plainly for something deeper than “Best FanPost of the Week”, and they delivered.

Which is why it is an honor to say that G may’s “What B-Ball position do you play?” is this week’s FanPost of the week. It’s got it all: Interesting stories, a chance to get to know one another a bit more, and the acknowledgement that none of us are likely NBA players in the waiting.

However, please find all our honorable mentions below for your much-deserved reading pleasure:

Know Your Enemy

It has been like four hours since the game ended, so there isn’t a ton of new stuff to pull from Nets Daily, but my God do they go all out for their recaps. Plus, comments from their fans are valuable as always.

I like it when gambles that everyone mocks a team for making pay even a little bit off. Russell Westbrook has plenty of warts, but as Kevin Broom explains, leadership and getting hot at the right times go a long way to making you a useful member of the roster.

Uh, that’s former-Milwaukee Buck youngster’s potential ceiling, thank you very much.

The Social Media Section


Long as this dude remembers that his heart belongs to us

Marques Johnson: Gamer.

Look at my compatriot Gabe. Looking great, Gabe!

HOF resume building at its finest

Mildly intrigued by this combo

This Freak 2 colorway is so ugly, though

I’m going to stick to Aveeno, but shoutout to DJ Wilson who commented on this post with “hit them knuckles cuzzo”

Riley’s 2020-2021 Prediction Record: 37-27

retired janitor’s 2020-2021 Prediction Record: 40-24

Much like the real-life Bucks, the math is increasingly working against my having a chance to beat rj in predictions this season. But, also like the real-life Bucks, there’s still a chance.

Milwaukee actually has a pretty light week ahead with only three games, all of which will be played at home. We’ve got the second in the Nets mini-series on Tuesday, face the Wizards on Wednesday, and close the week on Friday against the Rockets.

Write me down for 2-1 with wins over the Nets and Wizards and another comical loss to the Rockets who know that we are one of a very select few NBA teams they are capable of beating. That’s the 2020-2021 season for you.

Happy Monday!