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Site Announcement: New Bucks Shirt Available from BreakingT

A solid foundation

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Giannis Antetokounmpo has talked the whole season about how the Milwaukee Bucks have been playing for the postseason. How individual regular season results really didn’t matter. It was all about being prepared to answer when called upon down the stretch of the Playoffs. It was about being ready, how every single practice has led to this moment, and after Game 7, he made the key point about this team: they’re built for this.

It may not be a phrase we’re used to hearing as Bucks fans, but when surveying the landscape of who is left in the NBA Playoffs, this team is still relatively healthy and do appear to be “built for this” insofar as they’re now the odds-on favorite to win it all. That’s the phrase brandished by the latest shirt added to the Brew Hoop collection through BreakingT:

While Giannis himself has admitted you can never be sure how the postseason will work out, they’ve spent all season practicing everything from zone to switches to Giannis screens as a way to execute when necessary. Behind the “We Dogs” mentality of PJ Tucker, this team is on the precipice of something special. Let’s hope the foundation stays strong in the Conference Finals. And why not show your belief in this team by picking up one of these tees.

Disclaimer: So yeah, Brew Hoop gets a small slice of the profits from these shirts, so it behooves us to try and sell them. But they’re cool! And they help us sustain some of the piping hot content we’re funneling out this year. Plus, we enjoy unique t-shirts as much as the next person. BreakingT makes shirts of the moment, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have an idea for a shirt you think would resonate with Bucks fans out there.

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