Who to pick in this draft?

This is a rough list of guys I would be happy with if we pick one.

In deciding who to pick, I had to establish some criteria on which player would fit the team going forward. So, it was more of a fit than get the best talent choice with the pick. There was some exception to it, but we will go to it in time.

Imo, the team needs guards more than forwards or Centers. Especially cheap guards who the team has control over them for a bigger period than one year.

Good cheap guards are harder to find in free agency. Forwards and Centers gems seem always to be available in the free agency, trade deadline market. So, I want the team to fill the hole in the guard position with guys who bring in the abilities and talents the team needs.

For example, a cheap great shooting guard isn't easily to find on the free agency market. Forbes who we got can shot, but has also some big defensive liability traits. In the draft you can pick a great shooting guard, choose the right height and work on his defense if he is young and receptive enough.

Here are the criteria points:

SHOOTING. First and foremost the guard or forward has to shoot the ball well. No point, in drafting a bad shooting prospect, we can get those guys from the G-League or free agency in bunches. 3 point shooting is the main thing I pay attention to. Followed by free throw shooting and finally 3 level scoring ability.

QUICKNESS. Usually in the second round, you will not find the great shooting and quick speedy guy combined in one prospect, so there has to be made a compromise in that criteria. At least the guy shouldn't be slow like a turtle.

DEFENSE. Preferably on-ball defense as we have great off-ball defense guys on the team. A prospect who is great at contesting shots without fouling, having good footwork and making good reads in situations of when to get over a screen are the main things I look forward.

BALL HANDLING and SHOT CREATION. We need guys who can take care of the ball and can also create a shot for themselves in difficult moments. Especially in the playoffs we can't affort lose ball turnovers. This criteria has a lesser impact for guys who are more catch and shoot. Mainly guys aimed to be more shooting guards than point guards.

PLAYMAKING. Being smart, making the right pass, moving around and bending the opposing defense. Those guys are rare to find with most of the above criteria checked also.

In order of preference:

1. Jared Butler - SG/PG , 6-3, 195p, Wingspan 6-4

The guy, I hope we are able to draft (still not sure he is draft eligible because of a heart issue, but he wouldn't be available at all in the late first round to early second if this wasn't an issue). I love his competetive nature and his ability to score on all three levels on the court. He can really create separation from his opponents which is kinda rare to find in the later draft rounds. I think its always a good thing to have capable ISO scorers on your team and he seems to be one.

The remarkable about him, he is also good on defense. Mostly covering space quick and being in the right place. Love how he moves his feet. I think great defenders have that trait. Imo, if he's available I would take him.

2. Miles McBride - SG/PG , 6-2, 195p, Wingspan 6-8

The best defender in our range, who can also shoot good. His defense on-ball is really admirable. He has the right size to guard smaller guards and give Jrue a rest on those. He can create, but this is not his biggest strenght. Is able to get his shot off. Despite being a bit short in size, he has a real big wingspan which will serve him well in the NBA. Really like how he moves on the floor and I think a team picking him up cannot do something wrong. He's projected to go late first round to early second, so he would be in our range.

3. Nah'Shon Hyland - SG/PG, 6-3, 169p, Wingspan 6-9

With Hyland, we get shooting. Lots of great shooting to be honest. He will not be ready to contribute soon which is worrisome, because he is so thin. He also has issues with the ball in his hands. Mostly a future shooting guard, which I don't see getting minutes in his first season at all, but he has many great intagibles. I would draw a comparison with Immanouel Quickley from the Knicks. An athletic guard who can shoot lights out. Looks to me Hyland would need more time to develop his body and handles before you could give him plenty of time on the floor.

4. Trey Murphy - SF/PF, 6-9, 205p, Wingspan 7-0

The shooting forward I Ioved to get when I made a fanpost a couple of months ago. The fanpost was mostly about Centers and small ball centers, but he made the list, despite us having drafted Nwora. Since then he rose in the draft and is now projected to go in the late first round, but you never know.

He is great at shooting and he is absolute great at defending any position from the 1 to the 4. If we don't draft a guard, he is the guy I would want us to get, but the catch is, since the last time I wrote about him he has risen the draft rankings. Probably won't be available when we pick.

5. Tre Mann - PG, 6-5, 190p , Wingspan 6-4

This young guy is more of a point guard. He plays smaller than his height is telling, which is great and bad at the same time. He uses his shoulders a lot when driving to get fouls, but it looks awkard and I don't know how well this style will translate in the NBA. Not impressed with his defense either, but finding a quick, good playmaking and shooting point guard is hard enough. Probably he never will pan out and become any good, but he's worth a risk, even though we don't have many bullets (ehem, picks) to fire.

6. Rokas Jokubaitis - PG, 6-4, 194p

A euro guy, with strange looking shooting stroke and missing speed in his game. With that said, this guy can score from the 3, free throw and midrange area. This guy can lead an offense with his playmaking. Really a smart guy and reminds me of Dragic. Probably a reason he has rose on some draft boards (I found him going in the first round in some mock). Decent defender who puts effort out there.

7. BJ Boston - SF , 6-7, 185p, Wingspan 6-10

BJ has the highest upside of any guard at the range we pick, but he has many question marks regarding his efficiency on the floor and his ability to bulk up muscle mass around his narrow frame. He is the guy you take with the knowledge that he will need a couple of season of grooming in the G-League or the bench to see how he develops. So, clearly he isn't a right away contributor and that is the reason I have him last in my ranking. Looking past this, he has great handles and can create space for himself on the perimeter. You don't find guys with such body control outside of the top 15 picks, so he could be a risk worth, if the team wants to commit serious time to his development.

8. Duane Washington - PG/SG, 6-3, 210p, Wingspan 6-7

Another combo guard with good shooting, and averagish defense. He is another guy who isn't a true point guard, so playmaking isn't his strenght.

Concluding thoughts:

Now, the team could set other priorities higher and bring in a mobile athletic forward/center type of guy. This wouldn't bother me at all after having watched all the guard guys available to us. Nobody really caused me to get overboard and say, this is the guy we should absolutely take.

I think last season provided a better guard class, as most guys were just better shooters, with better shooting forms. You knew those guys don't grow on trees and this explains why guys like Quickley, Pritchard and Malachi Flynn got picked in the first round (most were projected to go second).

Also would like to note that Corey Krispert one of the best shooters in this class had declared his eligibility in last years draft, but he withdraw in the end, because he was projected to go undrafted. This year in a class with less great shooters overall he stands out and is projected to be a mid first round pick.

So, a Center who can shoot, is athletic and can defend doesn't sound bad at all to me, but if we get one, I hope its a tough gritty one, with the meanest face, who doesn't need to add 50 pounds of weight to be playable.

Maybe if the Bucks are involved in a trade and have the opportunity to get a young prospect, I would take one guard of that previous draft class. Some guys who could be available, Yam Madar has improved his shooting in Israel from 3 (30% to 41%) and will play in the Summer League for the Celtics, Cassious Winston played a bit for Washington and Tyrell Terry looked ok in the G-League.

All in all, the major benefit of our pick this season seems to be the lower salary that the team was able to get by trading down from the 24th to the 31th spot. There sure could be a great prospect out there. I'm nowhere comparing my scouting skills at the level of the guys who do this for longer, have a closer look and advanced stats on their side.

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