21-22 roster - unpopular suggestions warning!!!

pg - Jrue, Bledsoe*, Teague

sg - DiVincenzo, PatC, Bryant

sf - Khris, Nwora, Thanasis

pf - Giannis, Portis***, Jackson

c - Lopez, Henson**, Diakite

Bryn will be expensive

PJ has done what he was asked to do, can leave now

Merrill too old for a prospect

Toupane not staying

* Bledsoe has 22mil guaranteed for next 2 yrs. Memphis is rumored to not wanting him. Should they waive him the stretch will be 3,5 mil/year. Not scary for them. When jrue failed some games mid playoffs there was discussion here about how much better he was than eric. Now we know he is definitely better but not very different. Assuming Bled comes for MLE or less he would take some significant load off Jrue, esp in reg season. Great defender, similar offensively, a lot worse in decision making, but had a good chemistry and never created problems. Basically not a great downgrade for 20mins in reg season and some (other than q4) in playoffs. If Eric doesnt come then i think Burke would be perfect.

** Because why not? :) He even started making 3s before we traded him. Will play for 8-10mins or less until Diakite gets better. Great teammate, been here for ages. Deserves a run at a ring.

*** That is supposing he opts in, by some creative logistics from Horst. If not, MLE will not be enough either. In that case you d want a Michael Beasley type, only younger. Guess who else is a scoring PF without much defensive ability and could be had for nothing? Jabar... ok, not gonna say it. Proposing Bledsoe should be enough for your stomachs already. (Still think we should do it - oh shut it) I guess Millsap or Noel would do, for different reasons each. If both can come (for minimum - championship chasing, or for part of MLE), J Jackson says goodbye

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